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A design that reflects
your radio

With the Site Radio, you will have a magnificent design just like your radio. Ergonomic, responsive, light and functional, it will seduce your listeners and retain them. Many options will allow you to differentiate yourself from other radios and simply become unique!

Responsive Website

Adapts perfectly to all screens

No matter what device visitors use, they will find you. RadioKing allows the creation of responsive site, that is to say accessible at the same time on computer, tablet and smartphone.

Designed for Radios

Essential modules for radios


Easily add your podcasts, your listeners can then listen to them and download them thanks to your website player.

What is this title ?

The Radio Site automatically retrieves the titles broadcast on your radio station to place them in the What is this title module.


The Radio Site includes a sublime dynamic program schedule highlighting your antenna.

Playlist / Top Vote

The Playlist module is an excellent way to highlight the titles broadcast regularly on your antenna.

Proudly hoist your colors

Just change the look of your site and check the result in real time.

Add and organize your content easily

As easy as a text editor!

Very simply, as if you were on your favorite text editor, you can format your content right online.

Efficiently manage your different photos thanks to a media library and easily add them to your articles.

Finally, you can view, modify, delete, (de) publish all your publications with just one click!

Showcase your
favourite artists!

The Artist module allows you to easily highlight the artists regularly broadcast on your antenna.

Auto Recovery

All of the artist's information is automatically found using external APIs.

Biography / Photo

Your listeners will be able to consult the biography, photo and info of your favorite artists.

Top Songs & Albums

The artist's best tracks and albums are displayed on his page. In addition it is possible to listen to an audio sample!

Designed for Radios

Essential modules for radios


Easily publish new contests to engage your listeners!


Broadcasting their dedications on your antenna is a good way to retain your audience.


With CMS Radio, listeners can participate by voting for their favorite tracks!


Your visitors will be able to comment on each article on your Radio Site.


Your listeners will be able to communicate live with you and other listeners through chat.


On each article your visitors will be able to share the content on their social networks.

... and manage your community!

Communicate and share with your visitors

Member area

The CMS Radio includes a member area allowing your listeners to register, so you can create a real community.

Access rights

Thanks to advanced management of access rights, you have the possibility of precisely defining the rights of each user.


An Internet radio station is generally managed as a team. This is why the Radio Site will allow you to administer to several.

Measure your success!

With efficient statistical tools
View all of your statistics in one click and discover the profile of your visitors!
The CMS Radio displays the information essential to control your radio.

Increase your visibility

Effective SEO on Google

Naturally optimized

Even without any SEO knowledge, you will create a site that will be effective in search engines and especially Google.

For example, we have optimized the address of the pages of your website to ensure better referencing. The title of your articles is present in the URL. The risk of duplicate content is avoided thanks to the systematic addition of a canonical URL.

A hosted Radio CMS

Easy and fast, we take care of everything!


Fast, reliable and secure, the hosting is quality on RadioKing. We monitor the condition of our servers and we renew their components regularly.


Whether it is to strengthen security or to add new features, you will not have to manage updates. They are automatically applied to your Radio Site.


We guarantee 99% availability on your hosting and the lowest possible response time. The performance of accommodation is essential for optimal use.

Days money back guarantee

Share processes an data secure lona need to know basis without the need.

Build and protect your brand

Share processes an data secure lona need to know basis without the need.