Créer un Streaming vidéo pour Station TV avec playlists.

Disponible en plusieurs langues

Des traductions sont disponibles pour l’anglais, le néerlandais, l’allemand, le portugais, l’italien, l’espagnol, le français, le tchèque et le polonais.

Stream your own way.

Live & Ondemand

Broadcast Live Streams or Ondemand Videos. Create and manage Ondemand Video Playlists. Playlists embedded on your website are automatically updated!​

TV Station

Create and manage TV Stations with our powerful playlist and scheduling solution. Upload Videos, Schedule Playlists and even Broadcast live with our powerful TV Station feature.

IP Camera Relay

Create and manage IP Camera relays with Wowza Streaming Engine.


It is possible to publish your Live Streaming and TV Station services to Facebook, Youtube, Periscope & Twitch using our Stream Targets function.

With Facebook Stream Publishing you can publish to either a Facebook Page or your own Timeline.

Our Stream Targets are smart enough to automatically reconnect upon disconnection of your encoder.

TV Station Automation

The MediaCP’s TV Station service type offers the ability to create and schedule server-side playlists to automate your video service just like a real TV Station.

The Playlist Manager is a drag and drop interface that allows you to sort and tag media then quickly build your playlists.

Video Transcoding & nDVR Support

Enrich viewers experience with Video Transcoding through Wowza Streaming Engine. The HTML5 compatible media players offer full support for Quality Selection and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) is a technique used to detect a users bandwidth and CPU capacity in real time and automatically adjust the quality of the media stream accordingly.

Dynamic Ondemand Playlists

This powerful feature means your customers only ever need to apply embed code to their websites only once.

The Playlist Manager is a drag and drop interface that allows you to sort and tag media then quickly build your playlists.

Video Streaming Features

  • VideoJS / Clappr / JWPlayer / FlowPlayer / Wowza Player
  • Live & Ondemand Video Streaming
  • Broadcast your own TV Station with server-side playlists
  • Dynamically updated ondemand playlists
  • nDVR & Transcoder functionality
  • Publish your stream to Facebook, Youtube, Periscope & Twitch
  • Low Latency Streaming
  • Shoutcast & Icecast RTMP/RTSP Support with Wowza Streaming

HLS Low Latency Streaming

Low Latency streaming reduces the time before your viewer sees your video stream. We provide support for Low Latency HLS Streaming both as a new Service Type (Live Streaming Low Latency) as well as a new option under the Feature tab for Wowza Streaming services.

* Feature only compatible with Wowza Streaming Engine.

We Offer


Mobile Streaming

Our HTML5 video player ensures compatibility with modern devices and browsers. No configuration required, whether on a smartphone or a smart TV.

High-Definition Streaming

Deliver pristine, broadcast-quality video via the Akamai network in up to full HD 1080p resolution. Plus, deliver videos with multi-bitrate technology to ensure that every viewer has an optimal experience.

Embed videos

Use embed codes to easily share a video or live stream on any web page. Or, share videos with others via social media.

White-label Platform

Customize our video player with your logo and colors to put your brand front and center. The look and feel of your content is completely up to you.

API-based OVP

Access every feature and integrate it in your own digital media workflow programmatically. Or build your own OTT video platform from scratch using our RESTful APIs. Plus, our iOS and Android SDKs make it easy to create mobile apps.

Video Transcoding

Use our transcoding services to offer your viewers the video quality they need according to their devices.

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